All New Refrigerators are Trash…or ARE THEY?
Everyone seems to care about the reliability of older refrigerators. Even the technician that repaired your last appliance will tell you how frustratingly unreliable these new refrigerators can be.
Before we make any more assumptions, let’s take a good look at this claim to see if it’s true.

A while back, we posted an interesting fact on our instagram page. In 1939, Frigidaire had an elephant step on their refrigerator in a demonstration to show how durable their appliances are.

We can’t imagine something like that ever happening today.
It seems like refrigerators are becoming and more and more frail. We constantly hear of broken compressors and other complex parts we never thought even existed.

So, is this just a flaw of innovation or are all the companies conspiring to have such bad appliances?
Neither is true.

Let’s just take a look at the improvements.
Were the older refrigerators stronger? Yes, but they were EXTREMELY heavy. They were bulky, inefficient, and not something you would be able to move around so easily. Most importantly, they were expensive, so not everyone could afford them.

Of course, our refrigerators aren’t as strong as the first ones. But let’s be honest, why would you need to place an elephant on your refrigerator? You have so much more to enjoy than owners of 1930’s refrigerators.
We have expanded the market to almost every person out there. It used to be a luxury, and now it’s an essential part of the household.
Sure, our refrigerators have problems. We see compressors breaking down more often than ever. We see control boards getting ruined and refrigerators that get problems out of the blue. This shouldn’t be viewed as a cost of innovation, because just like everything else in our market, it has the potential to improve.

Our repair technicians hate complex electrical appliances, and many often blame this complexity for all issues. However, this may not always be the case. Complexity comes because of a reason. Companies make their appliances complex either for more specs or for more reliability. The simple refrigerators of the past will, at some point, go away completely. Why? Because we, the consumers, love innovation. We want to have a refrigerator that looks fancy in the kitchen and that fits in very well. We want to have more control over our refrigerator – how much it cools and for how long. We want a display for maximum performance.
Most of us, when complaining about new refrigerators, just don’t look at how much better innovation has made our refrigerators.

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