Our Services

Washer Repair

Common problems:
– It’s leaking or filling with water
– It’s making strange noises
– The water temperature is incorrect
– Spinning or agitating problems
– Clothes are too wet after spinning cycle

Dryer Repair

Common problems:
– Dryer won’t start
– It takes forever to dry a regular load
– It makes a terrible noise
– Dryer is too hot
– It won’t stop/turn off

Microwave Repair

Common problems:
– My microwave isn’t working
– I see sparks inside my microwave
– My microwave turntable isn’t turning
– My microwave isn’t heating
– I can hear a loud buzzing

Dishwasher Repair

Common problems:
– It’s leaking or making noises
– General poor cleaning
– Dishes still wet after cycle
– Door latch problems
– Temperature issues


Common problems:
– Condensation build-up in certain places
– Refrigerator is making noise
– Refrigerator is leaking water
– Ice maker is not working
– Water dispenser is not working

Stovetop/Oven Repairs

Common problems:
– The burner doesn’t work
– The oven temperature is not correct
– Ignition problems
– My oven doesn’t work, but the stove does
– Lights on the control panel do not work

Other Appliances


For many years, we have provided people with low-priced, stress-free appliance repairs because the satisfaction of our clients is our main interest. No matter how large or complex your appliance is, you will always find the perfect solution with us.

We are:

T Appliance Repair will always provide you with:

Up-front pricing
No Overtime Fees
No Travel Fees
No Additional Fees for Weekends

Appointment Confirmation Procedure:
We do ask that you be home and available by phone for the duration of your appointment time. Your technician may call prior to your appointment, but we cannot guarantee a call. Please be advised that if we cannot confirm that there is someone home for the appointment, we may have to reschedule.