This is a very underrated question. Do you take good care of your appliances?
Appliances might not be living things, but they are an essential part of every household today.

Have you ever pictured walking into a friend’s house and they told you they live without a refrigerator? It would be an unimaginable lifestyle change. Refrigerators have been everyday household items for generations.

Think about it this way – the entire market is focused on selling you products based on what you have, want, and need. Clothes stores sell you clothes assuming that you will at some point use a washing machine to wash them and markets will sell you dairy products assuming you will refrigerate them. Now that you can see the importance of your appliances, think of how well you take care of them.

In this instance, the question is: do you take good care of your washing machine?
No one realizes how important their washing machine was to them until the washing machine stops working.

Here are three ways you can take care of your washing machine.
1. (This is mostly for front load washer owners). Unscrew the bottom section of your washer (below the drum), and vacuum the dust that occasionally settles there.
2. Make sure you check the pockets of clothes you place in the washer. Take out all the minor bits and pieces of anything that is anywhere hidden in any pocket. Many people assume that because the items are small, they can cause less damage. That is not exactly true. The smaller items get clogged in the filter and cause drainage problems. As an appliance repair company, this is the most common issue with washers that we work with.
3. Change your washer water hoses if their time has come. Every washing machine has two hoses that let the water into the washer (usually placed behind the washer). According to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, these hoses last 5-8 years. If you’ve lived with a washing machine for over 10 years and haven’t touched it, it’s better to be safe than sorry. When a hose starts leaking, it can cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Follow these three steps and you can be sure that you take better care of your appliance than most of everyone you know.

If your appliance ever does break down, at least then you’ll know you took good care of it.

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