The compressor went out, didn’t it?
It seemed like a brand new refrigerator. It hasn’t even been a year, and now it’s done with. The compressor stopped working.
But how could it happen? It was well maintained.
An unfortunate problem with some refrigerators is the problem with a compressor that is no longer working.
Do you have this issue? You’re not the only one. This is (somewhat surprisingly) not a rare thing to occur.
Let’s get a few things settled and figured out.

Was this my fault?
Many people don’t realize that refrigerators generally need maintenance, too. Now, before you go off being disappointed with yourself, know this: most likely it wasn’t anything to do with you. Under typical circumstances, refrigerators should last very long even if you haven’t seen the backside of your refrigerator in years. HOWEVER, refrigerators have become more and more complex lately, so the initial problem has been almost impossible to predict.
So, for future reference, remember the required parts to maintenance.
Make sure your refrigerator isn’t pressed against the wall. If there is no space in the back for your refrigerator to “breathe,” you’re putting a big (and often fatal) strain on the refrigerator.
Keep the backside of your refrigerator clean from dust. Sometimes you might even need to unscrew the shield in the back and vacuum the dust before it becomes too late.
Lastly, don’t do something that you know will put an unnecessary strain on the refrigerator (that means don’t leave the refrigerator door open for half an hour).

Nope, not my fault
Check your warranty. Did you buy a warranty? No? Why not? You didn’t see this coming did you?
If you have a warranty that covers this issue, it seems you were blessed.
If you didn’t, check with the appliance manufacturer. Sometimes, some brands will give a limited warranty on things like compressors.

Why? Just why did this happen to me?
We don’t know.
Everyone has been having a harder time figuring out why this happens. It used to be that certain brands like Samsung or LG were blamed for compressor failures, and were often advised not to be bought. Lately, things have been different. If it’s a new fridge, it might even be more likely to have a problem with its compressor than an old one.
So, which brand should you look at?
We don’t advise brands anymore. As professionals in this field, we advise you to do this: buy a refrigerator with a warranty (and make sure the warranty covers the compressor). If there’s a nice refrigerator, but it doesn’t have a warranty, don’t buy it. If the warranty by some chance doesn’t cover the compressor, that’s already a red flag. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
Until we can figure out a flawless refrigerator, go with the most reliable route…the one that is most insured.

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